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Monitor v3.9.01 - Release Notes- SEP 2023



September 2023 Updates

  • Photo Capture & Upload Controls: Monitor now uses the native browser controls to upload and capture photos (eliminating the legacy ActiveX controls).  This does REQUIRE the application to run in HTTPS to utilize.  Also added are new controls to rotate and flip the images.PhotoIDUpdate.png
  • Assessment Purpose: Each Assessment can now be categorized for its specific reason (i.e. "Initial" or "Reassessment").  The Assessment Reason is selected at time of creation, but can also be set for any historical assessments right from a Pop-Up on the Assessment Overview Screen.AssessmentPopUp.png
  • Keep Aways: An extension to the Event Sealing Feature, "Keep Aways" now allows Monitor Admins to "Seal" (or Keep Away) one or more Monitor Users (i.e. Staff, Officers, etc.) from an Offender/Client record (i.e. a family member that is being investigated/supervised).  Two System Settings are allowed (picking one):  Keep Aways do not show at all for the user, or they show up only on Search with no access.KeepAways.png
  • Search Updates: The Main Search now includes a "DOB" (Date of Birth) search option and the the "Number" section now allows users to search using the Prosecutor (OTN) Number.OTN_DLSearch.pngDOBSEARCH.png
  • Azure AD Authenticator Integration: Clients can now connect  their Azure AD Authentication (previously know as Single-Sign On) to Monitor using the Azure AD Connector tab in the System/Admin section.


  • Template Publisher Update: The Template and Report publisher has now been to select the designated Document Management System (DMS) Folder and updated from free-text fields to drop-down selections for choosing the matching merge procedure and template popup type.DMSFolderDesignation.png


  • Obscure/Hide SSN: Monitor will now display & Print ONLY the last 4 digits of a client's Social Security Number.  On the specific forms where there is a SSN field, users groups with appropriate access will see an  eyeicon.png icon that will reveal the full SSN on-click.SSNHIde.png
  • Primary Case Alert:  Monitor will now alert users when there is no Primary Case set on an Event.  Please wat watch the short video here on how it works!
  • Analytics Page:  Monitor now includes a dedicated page for all your Published Power BI Reports.
    • NOTE:  Users that want to view and interact with these published reports MUST have a Power BI Pro Account in your Agency's Power BI Tenant.POWERBI_PAGE.jpg
  • Delete Time Credits (MIN/MAX):  Ability to now delete time credits from the MIN/MAX (Sentencing Module). deleteTC.png
  • Ability to have more than 99 days on Time Credit Adjustments:  Users can now have up to 999 or 9,999 days on a time credit adjustment.999_TC.png
  • Ability Copy (clone) a previously Violated Sentence:  Users can now have the option (if enabled) to "Copy" a violation sentence in whole back to the current sentence and can then adjust the elements that have changed in the sentence.COPY_TC.png
  • Credit Card Payments through Monitor:  The finance module now has the ability to take live credit card transactions when selecting a payment of type "Credit Card" using third-party processing companies with csg Forte, AllPaid, and Civitek.  If using a different credit card processing company, please contact connectrex support for more details. CCPayment.jpg
  • Credit Card Payments through mPay (Internet):  Clients/Probationers can now make secure online payments for fines, fees and restitution using the connectrex mPayApp site.  Transactions are then recorded in near real-time back to Monitor finance module and reflected in the client's ledger.

Additional Updates and Features_____________________

  • Microsoft Edge Enabled: Monitor now runs in Microsoft Edge using Internet Explorer Mode. 
  • New Assessment Tools:  The Public Safety Assessment is now available for use on Monitor. The PSA scores are calculated based on points assigned to each risk factor response and weighted according to the strength of the relationship between the factor and each pretrial outcome (FTA - Failure to Appear, NCA - New Criminal Activity, and NVCA - New Violent Criminal Activity).  connectrex is an authorized PSA vendor through Arnold Ventures, the authors of the PSA.  In addition, the WRNA-I, WRNA-R, and WRNA-P, the Impaired Drivers Assessment (IDA) and the DVSIR have been added to the Assessment Catalog.
  • Universal Quick Search:  Users can now perform a Universal Quick Search on any page by entering a client's name into the search field located above the applications. You can enter a partial name and select a client from the results, or you can enter the client's full name which will immediately take you to the client's profile.quicksearch.jpg
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes
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